WisDOT announced weight limits for motorways of the north-central region


The north-central region of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) today announced the seasonal display weight limits on state highways in the region. weight restrictions are 6 tons of feedstock for vehicles with single axle and 10 tons of feedstock for vehicles with tandem axles (two spaced axles of less than 8 feet). The maximum gross weight of 24 tons.

Weight restrictions will take effect at noon Monday, March 8, 2021 on the following highways:

  • WIS 52, Marathon County, Little Elm Road to the line of Shawano County.
  • WIS 52, Shawano County, Line Marathon County to US 45.
  • WIS 52, Langlade County, WIS 55 to the county line from North Langlade.
  • WIS 52, County Forest, Line South Forest County to Smith Road.
  • WIS 54, Wood County, Line West Wood County to WIS 80.
  • WIS 54, Wood County, In South Junction WIS 80-1 mile west of Junction WIS 73.
  • WIS 55, County Forest, the Argonne Street in the line of the state of Michigan.
  • WIS 107, County Marathon Marathon County Road A to the edge of Lincoln County.
  • WIS 107, Lincoln County, Line Marathon County WIS 64.
  • WIS 107, Lincoln County, Matthew’s Road in Lincoln County Road S.
  • WIS 122, County of iron, WIS 77 at the Michigan State line.
  • WIS 153, County Marathon the J Marathon route line Shawano County County.
  • WIS 153, Shawano County, Line Marathon County to US 45.
  • WIS 169, County of iron, of the county line from Ashland to US 2.
  • WIS 173, Wood County, North Junction WIS 80 to County Road G. Wood

Restrictions seasonal weight (roads reported in spring) are imposed on specific highways during the spring thaw. The restrictions are added to prevent damage to the pavement structure. In case of unexpected cold weather, the displays in each county may be delayed depending on conditions and will take effect at the discretion of the state highway engineer. For more information on weight restriction WisDOT programs, visit: https://wisconsindot.gov/Pages/dmv/com-drv-vehs/mtr-car-trkr/ssnl-wt-rsrctns/default.aspx

For more information on the impacts of traffic, news on transport and updates improvement projects in the area of ​​North Central Wisconsin:

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