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UPDATE: 6:45 p.m. Two new cases of COVID have been recorded in Hamilton, linked to a country music event held at Hamilton Golf Club on Sunday, November 14. The two new cases are family contacts of a positive case who attended the event. The total number of COVID-19 positive people linked to the occasion now stands at 36. UPDATE: 1:00 PM Further details regarding a positive COVID-19 case at Brauer College have been shared with parents and to students on Saturday. In a statement, Principal Jane Boyle confirmed that the school was not required to close and that the cleanup and contact identification would take place this weekend after the presence of a confirmed case of COVID-19 on them. Monday 22 and Tuesday 23 November. The release said all educational contacts would be required to obtain an immediate standard PCR test. If the test were to give a negative result, the student could return to school, with proof of the negative result. A further update is expected Sunday afternoon. PLUS TT: A new case of COVID was recorded in Warrnambool overnight, as Victoria’s director of public health today described a series of measures to help manage an emerging virus variant. South West Healthcare said the city’s new COVID infection was under investigation by the Public Health Unit and brought the total number of active cases in Warrnambool to two. Elsewhere, the active tally was: There were no new exposure sites listed overnight. It comes as a student from Warrnambool at Brauer College tested positive on Friday evening, prompting the school and the wider community to get tested. The Standard expects to receive an update on Principal Jane Boyle’s situation this afternoon. IN OTHER NEWS: Meanwhile, the state government today presented a series of measured responses to manage the Omicron variant as health authorities scramble to understand its implications and transmissibility. The response – which is part of a nationally coordinated effort – includes 72 hours of home or hotel quarantine for all international arrivals, including their family contacts. Victorian Health Minister Martin Foley said the measures were “modest and prudent”. “This is to make sure we can buy ourselves time to understand all of the implications of the concerning Omicron variant to ensure that we protect the Victorians and continue to remain open,” he said. While the Victorian health chief, Brett Sutton, warned the Victorians to “expect more hospitalizations”, he assured that the state was “not back to square one”. “This is by no means a return to the beginning or back to square one,” said Mr. Sutton. “The vaccine coverage we have is absolutely more than useful – it’s absolutely essential to protect us and I’m sure will provide protection against this variant as well. We just need to understand how much.” we know about Omicron is really not enough. The key questions are is it more communicable and to what extent is it more communicable. It certainly seemed to be spreading faster across South Africa – it has become the predominant variant there already in a short time, so it’s likely to be a more transmissible variant. “Then there is the big question of whether there is a vaccine breakout with this variant. It will probably take a few weeks to find out. We know that some vaccinated variants have already gotten it, but this is also true. for Delta. ” We have removed our paywall from our coronavirus articles. This is a rapidly changing situation and we aim to make sure our readers are as informed as possible. If you would like to support our journalists, you can register here.


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