Strange Ad for Mamnick Firearms Breaches Code; gravel still on the rise; more accidental partridge; examination of socks causes chaos; distracted drivers; tenuous political references + more on the live blog

Anyone remember that interesting advertisement, shall we say, from Sheffield-based cycling clothing company Mamnick?

In case you missed it, in October, Mamnick released a new line of jerseys accompanied by a controversial Twitter ad and featuring a gun.

(Of course, drawing parallels between cycling and military combat isn’t a new idea – just listen to any cycling commentator.)

When complaints inevitably started pouring in, the brand attempted to keep the edgelord vibe going with a series of non-PC, “hell with the consequences” responses.

Well, it turns out there are consequences. The Advertising Standards Authority has contacted Mamnick owner Thom Barnett that the ad violates the UK Advertising Code.

According to the letter, Barnett has until January 17 to remove the ad. As you might expect, Mamnick posted the confidential letter on his Twitter account, along with the offending promotional photo (bet the characters on the American teen sitcom from the ’80s think this guy is the coolest).

While it seems like this is exactly what the clothing company wanted to happen when they released the original ad, I wonder if it will retain its ‘edgy’ character when the sanctions start to roll in. ‘apply.

Or maybe they’ll completely change course and pretend it was a biathlon jersey from the start …

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