Get a Free Killer Mind Surfboard and Weapon Loot Crate

With Free Fire redemption codes, players no longer have to worry about not getting exclusive items as it doesn’t require them to spend diamonds. These are usually broadcast on special occasions and live.

Some players spend hours looking for these codes as they can offer pretty much anything in the game, even diamonds. However, the short validity is a downside as they only work for a limited time making it difficult to claim the rewards.

Free Fire Redemption Code for December 26, 2021: Free Killer Mind Surfboard & Engineer Weapon Loot Crate

Killer Mind Surfboard (Image via Free Fire)
Killer Mind Surfboard (Image via Free Fire)

Use code: FF11WFNPP956

Rewards: Killer Mind Surfboard and 1 Crate of Engineer Weapon Loot

The code is currently functional and players shouldn’t waste time using it.

All the rewards mentioned above can only be collected by players on the Indonesian server. If people outside the region attempt to claim it, they will be presented with an error message.

Here are the codes for the other regions.

Steps to get the rewards

If you want to get the rewards using the Free Fire redemption codes, you need to follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Open Garena’s official web page where you can use the redemption code.

Before visiting the rewards redemption site, players should ensure that they are not using a guest ID. If needed, they can go to settings and link their account to one of the available options.

2nd step: Users can then log into the web page through one of the six options provided.

Just paste the voucher code FF11WFNPP956 (image via Free Fire)
Just paste the voucher code FF11WFNPP956 (image via Free Fire)

Step 3: Enter the code mentioned above and press the claim button. A message will appear to let you know if the trade was successful with the accompanying rewards.

Step 4: Once the exchange is successful, you will receive both items by in-game mail.

1x Engineer Weapon Loot Crate (Image via Free Fire)
1x Engineer Weapon Loot Crate (Image via Free Fire)

Step 5: After collecting the rewards, you can equip the collection surfboard and open the loot crate through the safe.

Note: Players must claim the rewards after redeeming the code before they expire.

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