Penalty interest threshold for transfer, right?

The penalty interest is the most important threshold when transferring. Is this right? The lower mortgage interest rate must of course outweigh the costs.

Mortgage interest rate high to very high

Mortgage interest rate high to very high

1 in 3 homeowners finds his or her mortgage interest high to very high. Yet only a small part of the respondents (15%) intend to take out the mortgage. This is apparent from recent research by ABC among more than 1200 homeowners.They now pay an average of 4% mortgage interest, while the average interest rate has since fallen to around 2.3%. This is especially true for homeowners who took out their mortgage four years or more ago. Reason enough to take out the mortgage you would say.

Penalty interest main obstacle

Penalty interest main obstacle

The main reason for not doing this is the penalty interest. Even now, because the penalty for early repayment has now been regulated. It has been determined, for example, that the penalty interest may not exceed the bank’s actual disadvantage. Banks must now also be open about how the amount is calculated.

Yet it is still shocking if an amount with ‘5 digits for the comma’ comes out here. This depends on the mortgage amount (original and current), the end of the fixed-rate period, the percentage that you can repay without penalty and the interest.

Is re-skipping interesting?


The longer you wait, the lower the penalty interest. But in the meantime, you pay too much monthly and there is a possibility that the mortgage interest rate will rise. However, reshaping is only interesting if the costs are recovered in the long term.

Because of the low mortgage interest, this is now the case faster. Take the aforementioned interest rate difference from the research group of 1.7%. With a mortgage amount of 250,000 euros, this is a benefit of 4,250 euros.

You can make a personal calculation without obligation to find out if transfer is interesting. The question is of course whether you want to make the investment (money but also time) for a lower mortgage interest rate.