Lending Banks with Bad Registry

Institutions operating in the finance sector have been providing financing to their clients for a long time and initially look at the applicant’s payment history. This is because the policies followed by the banks regarding credit disbursement are entirely directed towards the customer’s credit rating. One of the factors that directly affects the customer’s score is whether your record is broken or not. Well, if your record is broken, can’t you use credit from banks?

It is a commercial institution that wants to keep its profitability high by minimizing bank risk. For this purpose, the banks that analyze their customers include the applicant’s record in the examination. However, they may decide whether the loan will be granted after this review.

Therefore , the customer whose record is broken is a danger for the bank. The bank is hesitant to extend a new loan because this customer has past outstanding debts or late payments. In fact, those who have broken records can also use credit. However, you must meet the other requirements of the bank for which you are applying for a loan.

How can a person with a broken record withdraw credit?


Often people who do not have regular payments are confusing blacklist and bad record concepts. It is the group of people who should not be given credit as a result of notifying the Central Bank of the people who never paid the black list. However, the bad record is those who are seen as risky during the credit rating inquiry.

As a result of this situation, which is usually due to the fact that the installments are not paid regularly, initiation of follow-up and execution are causing the registry to be broken. Persons with a broken record can benefit from credit products offered by certain banks for certain conditions when they need cash. In particular, consumers who have recently entered a new job and regained their solvency, who have a poor track record in the past, have a higher chance of getting credit.

Credit withdrawals of people with broken records


Among the banks operating in our country, there are institutions that provide credit facilities to those whose record is broken. However, in order to use credit from these banks, you must accept the conditions offered by the institution and meet the required criteria. For example, many banks can lend to people who have a bad record if guarantor is shown. Or mortgages of immovable property is available in banks that give credit.

Therefore, before applying for a loan to any of the banks, you should go to the branch of the institution and explain the problems you have experienced and the current solvency. After such a dialogue, you can get a loan in a short time with the necessary examinations.

Credit Lending Banks


A person’s record can be attributed to two reasons. The first of these is the negative rating given to the person due to the fact that the installments of the previously used loan are not paid regularly, although there is no black list record as mentioned above. The other is that people who have not received a negative or positive result due to the fact that the person who applied for a loan did not use a credit card or did not take a credit before were seen in the risky group.