How to Borrow Money | Apply a Loan

Use the slider to select the amount you want. Its maximum amount is CZK 20,000. The second slider then selects the repayment duration.

Step 1

money loan

You have a choice between 5 and 30 days. You can check the entered data under the sliders. To the right of the sliders is a recap. If everything is correct, click

Step 2

money loan

  • Fill out the application form. Read and confirm by ticking the General Terms and Conditions and the Registration Terms and Conditions and the Consumer Credit Standard Information Form.

  • Click on the Register button to apply for a Loan .

  • You will immediately receive an SMS with an authorization code.

  • Confirm the wording of the Loan Agreement by entering the authorization code and clicking the I Accept button.

  • You will complete your registration with a one-time payment of CZK 1 from an account in your name. Payment is used to verify the account holder and can be paid to one of our accounts.

Step 3

money loan

To verify your identity, send copies of two photo IDs to email . In case of a positive processing of the application, we send money to your account immediately. By receiving the first loan you become our client. You have an account activated where you can view the loan details at any time.



The amount of the Loan Fee is based on the amount of the Loan and its duration, as follows:

The number of days of rental The amount of the rental fee
5-6 days 10% of the principal provided
7-13 days 15% of the principal provided
14-20 days 25% of the principal provided
21-30 days 32.5% of the principal provided


The seven (7) day extension fee is 15% of the current principal outstanding (Loans),

in the case of an extension of maturity by fifteen (15) days, it is 25% of the amount of the currently outstanding principal (Loans),

in the case of a maturity extension of thirty (30) days, it is 32.5% of the amount of the currently outstanding principal (Loans).