2019 Loans: Online Personal Loans, Budget and Installment Calculation


We deepen the online personal finance service of Bankor, which issues advantageous loans. In particular, it will be about the interest rates and the calculation of the installment that can be easily done online and the relative estimate.

However, it is also good to know the opinions and reviews that concern just this company to understand, in fact, what people think about taking advantage of personal loans. Subsequently, the various possibilities that are made available for some categories of applicants such as young people, employees and even pensioners who want to borrow a certain amount of money will be illustrated.

 Personal Loans: installment and rate calculation

 Personal Loans: installment and rate calculation


The official website of the Bankor gives all the applicants the possibility to calculate, in a quick way, the installments that are best suited to everyone’s needs. Even for those who are not so practical with technology, they can see how simple this operation is.

In fact, just connect to the aforementioned Bank address and click on the appropriate section for this type of service. The page in question consists of a form to fill out and is called with the wording of ” Simulation “.

Proceeding in this direction is very easy, since it is only necessary to type in your age, the value of the property for which you want to request a loan and to inform that you want to proceed with a fixed or variable rate. And again, the sum of the loan which is required and the relative duration. At this point, the result will be immediate, by clicking on the button with the word ” Calculate the installment “.

As can be seen, therefore, it is very easy to get an idea of ​​what you want to repay and of the installments that correspond adequately to your needs and, moreover, without useless waste of time as was taken for granted before the advent of these new possibilities.

 Loans: On Line Estimate

 Loans: On Line Estimate

Now, after having dwelt on the exact procedure to obtain a precise calculation of the installment, let’s go, then to see which online estimates can be consulted quickly. First of all, it is good to know that the site informs us that if a mortgage is stipulated for housing purposes, interesting conditions may exist.

But, as we said, let’s try to see which one can be a very practical example that gives an idea of ​​the actual expenditure that could be incurred by entrusting ourselves to Bankor. In fact, the procedure to calculate the installment was described in the previous lines.

Let us imagine, therefore, that such a applicant has filled in all the fields. In the age box you may have written that he is 31 years old, the value of the property is 70,000 euros and you want a fixed rate. He also said that he needs 60,000 euros and has decided to make the repayment in 20 convenient installments.

The result of the simulation is that he would receive monthly installments, to be precise, of € 355.73 and that, thanks to the promotion of these days, the fixed tan would be 3.75% and the TAEG, instead, would be 4, 13%.

Opinions on Loans

Despite everything, as much as a company knows that it has a lot of customers and that business is good, it is never a bad thing to know the true opinions that daily use of services. Actually, a feedback is always interesting also because, later on, the performance is getting better and better.

Today, thanks to the web, the search for opinions is very easy and immediate and this can certainly be good for many companies. The rating system is very often the one with the stars. A user, judging with 5 stars, reviews that his experience has been positive and satisfying and that he considers it an excellent service.

It must be said that, on average, the maximum of the stars is recognized a little by all Internet users who express themselves about it. Other impressions are the following: “Really very professional in the agency. The rate was, then, the budgeted one. A single flaw I found the insurance premium slightly higher… but then I finally stipulated “.

Or even: “In the Bank they were courteous and fast. Also having delayed the stipulation has brought benefits as in the meantime the rates have fallen further. Satisfied. “And then:” Acceptable Bank service, all in all it has satisfied the needs “.

Portal Easy Loan SuperFlash 

PerTe Easy Loan SuperFlash 


Now, it is important to dwell on a type of personal loan that is put on the side of young people and that helps them with some advantageous possibilities, namely the easy loan Portal SuperFlash by Bankor. First of all, it is good to specify that it is a loan that is reserved for all people who can prove to have been resident in Italy for at least 2 years and who are between 18 and 35 years old.

Secondly, it is suitable for those who have just entered the world of work and who do not have a permanent contract. In fact, it is really a loan that does not require income guarantees, given that it is also aimed at those who do not have a fixed occupation.

Despite this, however, there is an unavoidable condition that is, you must have had a job for at least 18 months in the last 2 years. Furthermore, this is also very interesting, it is not mandatory to have a current account with Bankor.

Then, the repayment can be made through monthly installments which can vary, at the discretion of the applicant, from a minimum of two years to up to a maximum of ten. Finally, the maximum sum that can be requested corresponds to the sum of 30,000 euros.

Thus, thanks to Bankor, all people who are up to 35 years old can feel safe. However, it has not yet been written that, if desired, it is also possible to add the Protect Loan Policy to Per Te Prestito Giovani in order to have greater protection from certain events that could prevent the repayment of the personal loan such as, to give just one example, job loss.

Not only that, it is even allowed to postpone the payment of the rescheduling, based on the duration of the loan. So let’s try to clarify this convenient offer with an example. A young applicant could decide to borrow € 15,000.

This person, however, not having a stable job, may have to extend the repayment of the loan for at least 84 monthly payments. The tan, calculated as it is in these days, would have a percentage of 7.45% and, instead, the TAEG would be 6.90%.

And finally, the total cost of the credit would be 4,184.84 euros with interest of 4,034.84 euros, the amount of the first installment, including the pre-amortization interest, would be precisely 305.06 euros and the subsequent installments would amount to at 225.66 euros. Then again, the total amount of the credit would be € 14,850.00 and the total amount due by the consumer of € 19,034.84.

Sale of Quinto for employees and pensioners

Sale of Quinto for employees and pensioners


First, the Assignment of the fifth of Bankor will appeal to employees and retirees. This type of financing is based on the fact that the repayment can be withheld directly from the salary or pension.

It must be remembered that only employees hired with a permanent contract and pensioners can access it. Then, again, the Cession of the Fifth has a fixed interest rate and a fixed-rate repayment plan that can last up to a maximum of ten years.

Thus, the maximum sum that can be financed by Bankor is considered based on the income of the applicant and, precisely, the monthly payment must not exceed the fifth part or 20% of the salary or pension, net of taxes.

The guarantee is just the monthly check or possibly corresponds to the employee ‘s TFR. The reimbursement takes place through the direct deduction of the salary installment or from the pension of the beneficiary, by the employer or the social security institution.

It should also be noted that the Cession of the Fifth does not oblige to present any cost estimate nor to justify the request for credit. In addition, social security pensioners who want a personal loan with this option, can access the credit on favorable terms thanks to the agreements that the Social Security institution confirms with various credit institutions.

Bankor, allows personal loans with the Assignment of the Fifth to social security pensioners who have a maximum age of 83 at the time of requesting the loan and 85 years at maturity. Among other things, holders of pensions and social allowances, civil disability pensions and checks for personal and continuous assistance to pensioners due to incapacity can access funding.

On the other hand, those who receive co-established survivors’ pensions, income support checks and family allowances are not considered eligible for credit access. In short, a loan suitable for many categories.